Gitloft Terms of Use

Gitloft Terms of Use

The following statement clarifies about Gitloft's terms of use

*Gitloft provides quick information and download service for windows-based open-source software. Users can download their preferred open-source software directly from Gitloft as long as the software is listed on Gitloft.

*Gitloft is also a software-related blog site. Users can read software related news, tips, and suggestions on Gitloft blog.

*Gitloft has it's own internal search engine and provides separate search fields for software and blogs. Users can search for software by using software search fields and search blogs by using blog search fields.

*Gitloft gives it's users the ability to comment on software and blog pages. Users are not required to register or login to be able to comment but they must provide their names and answer the captcha question before submitting their comments.
Website links and inappropriate words are not allowed in the comment sections.
Gitloft strongly discourages the users from providing any kind of personal or sensitive information in the comment sections except their names.

*Users can register and login to get access to the extra features.
Registered users can subscribe to their favourite software. And they will get a email notification whenever those software gets updated. Also, Logged in users can comment anywhere without answering any captcha questions.

*All the software provided on Gitloft are open-source. Users can download and use them personally and commercially for free. Apart from the open-source software and open-source software logos all contents on Gitloft is originally created by Gitloft.
Unauthorized use of these contents is strictly prohibited.

*If someone notices that any kind of personal content is being shared on Gitloft without the owner's consent and should be removed from Gitloft then contact Gitloft by email at the following email address and provide the proof of sole ownership of that particular content.