Gitloft Copyright information

Privacy Policies

The following statement clarifies about the privacy policy of Gitloft

This is how Gitloft handles user data:

*Users are required to provide their names to be able to comment on Gitloft.
*Gitloft strongly discourages the users from providing any kind of personal information in the comment sections apart from their names.
*To register on Gitloft, users are required to provide their name and email address. Gitloft does not collect and store any kind of personal information other than name and email address.
*User email addresses are never visible to the public.

Regarding external/third-party links:

Gitloft provides many external website links but has no authority or control over them and their data policy.

Regarding the open-source software provided by Gitloft:

Gitloft does not modify or change the codes of any open-source software that is available for download on this website. Gitloft has no control or authority on how these software handles user data.