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Blender is the most popular free open-source software for 3D graphic designing. It has a large amount of tools that can be used in multiple industries.
This single software can be used for 3D modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, particle & physics simulation, video audio editing, VFX, motion tracking. And all of these for free.
You can download Blender from the link below

If you are interested in this amazing software and you have decided to learn Blender then the best way is to observe and learn from a bunch of well made tutorial videos.
Blender is a small software with a massive amount of tools and options.
From my personal experience, it's best if you learn Blender from multiple people instead of sticking to a single tutorial source.
In this article, I will provide a list of legendary Blender channels on YouTube that provide high-quality Blender tutorials for free.

• High-quality 3D text design and animations, Full character rigging and animation, and many interesting modeling tutorials.
• Clearly explains every single move he takes in every tutorial.
• Gentle, clear, and calm voice.

Blender Guru
• Biggest Blender tutorial channel on YouTube.
• Highly detailed modeling tutorials emphasizes on realism.
• Beginner friendly, long tutorial videos with multiple parts.

CG geek
• Very interesting and fun, beginner-friendly tutorials.
• Tutorials with up to date Blender features.
• Performance friendly tutorials for big and realistic scenes.

CG Boost
• Amazing 3D art concepts.
• Has full-featured beginner-friendly tutorials besides advanced tutorials.
• Many informative blender videos.

• A legendary channel that revolutionized blender video tutorials forever.
• Provides fast-paced on point quick tutorial videos.
• Professional blender VFX tutorials.
• All tutorials are interesting useful and informative.
• Emphasises on achieving realism in the easiest way.

• A fast-paced Blender tutorial channel Inspired by Ian Hubert.
• Short but on point up to date tutorials.
• Suitable for intermediate level Blender users.

Default Cube
• Owned by the same guy who runs CGMatter channel.
• Very good tutorials about nodes that help to learn a lot about procedural works.
• This channel provides interesting beginner-friendly tutorials with longer explanations.

Ducky 3D
• Popular for abstract 3D modeling and animation tutorials.
• Also provides procedural and node-based modeling tutorials.

Josh Gambrell
• Best for hard surface modeling tutorials.
• Explains and shows how to solve shading problems that appear while doing hard surface modleing.
• Has a lot of unique sci-fi hard surface modeling tutorials.

Olav3D Tutorials
• Beginner-friendly Blender physics simulation tutorials.

Royal Skies LLC
• Full character modeling, rigging, and animation tutorials
• Fast-paced and fun

Grand Abbitt
• Popular for large array of stylized, low poly modeling tutorials.

Blender Secrets
• Another underrated channel for short and very very useful tutorials.
• Highly recommended channel once you have learned the basics of Blender.
• Not necessarily beginner-friendly because of the short span of the videos.
• Every single video provides amazing, useful information on how to do some stuff very quickly and easily.

Blender Made Easy
• High-quality Blender physics simulation tutorials

Curtis Holt
• Interesting procedural modeling tutorials and suggestions.

• High-quality Blender physics simulation, VFX tutorials


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