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Bypass internet bandwidth limit for FREE on both broadband and mobile network


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It's the easiest trick to bypass your internet bandwidth limit in any country.
In this tutorial, I'll be choosing Bangladesh as I'm in Bangladesh while doing this tutorial. If you are from another country, then just select your country when I select Bangladesh in the procedure below.

Here's what you need.

You need Firefox browser.
"Also, if you are in Bangladesh, then you need BDIX enabled in your internet connection.
BDIX means (Bangladesh Internet Service Exchange). If you are not from Bangladesh then don't worry about it"


First, go to
And check the internet speed.
My ISP (Internet Service Provider) has limited my internet to 2.5Mbps.
But when I check my internet speed on, it shows more than 40Mbps.
That proves that my internet speed has been throttled/limited by my ISP.
After you are done checking your internet speed on,
If the speed is more than what your ISP gives you then you are good to go.
Otherwise, this bypass trick won't work.

After making it sure that you get a higher speed on
Now we can start bypassing.

Open up Firefox browser
Then go to
Then select your country from the country list. (for me I chose Bangladesh)
Select "Socks4" from "Protocol"
Then click on "Filter proxies"
After the page reloads, click on "Speed"
The list will automatically sort according to speed.
Then copy the IP address and Port that has the highest "speed" and good "uptime" (at least 70%)

Now go to Firefox Network settings
Click on Manual proxy configuration
Then paste the copied IP address in "SOCKS Host" box and paste the copied Port in the "Port" box
Then select "SOCKS v4" and click ok.

Now start downloading anything with Firefox default downloader and check your download speed.
It should be higher than before.
Aaaand it's done.

Enjoy your internet speed without any bandwidth limitation.
You always have to check and add a new socks4 IP address and Port when the current one stops working or becomes slow.
You can use this trick in almost any software that lets you add and use Socks4 proxy.
Check out the video tutorial below if you found this blog tutorial hard to understand.
The tutorial ends here. Keep your eyes on Gitloft and have a great week.


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Md. Hasibur Rahman [guest]
2020-10-06 19:47:01
Thanks or sharing this nice trick

2020-10-07 20:40:49
@Md. Hasibur Rahman. You are welcome