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Best free VPN solution with unlimited data.


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Virtual Private Network (VPN) becomes a necessary thing if your government suddenly bans your favourite website.
VPN is also used for many other purposes,
like buying something cheaper by changing your location to another country.
Or maybe you just simply want an extra layer of privacy protection for your internet.

There are many VPN services available these days. Of Course, most of them are paid service. But what if you want to use VPN randomly for a few days and you don't want to purchase a long time VPN service that you'll never fully use?
You'll probably search for a free VPN.
Free VPN services can come with some time limitations and data limitations. In this article, we will just provide the best free VPN solution that you will not find anywhere else. This VPN trick has no data or time limitations.

So, here is the best-unlimited VPN that you can get without having to pay anything:

Free socks4 proxy:
Using free socks4 proxy connection requires a little bit of workaround but it does the job nonetheless. It changes your online location to the location of the Socks4 proxy address.
By using socks4 proxy you can download without any data limitations. There are also no time or data limitations as long as you use a good socks4 proxy address.

Process of enabling Socks4 Proxy connection:
1. Go to
2. Select the country you want from the country list
3. Select Socks 4 from protocol
4. Click on filter proxies
5. After the page, reloads click on "speed" to sort the results according to speed
6. Copy the IP address and port that have the highest speed and good uptime (at least 70%)
7. Go to firefox browser Options>Network Settings
8. Click on Manual proxy configuration
9. Paste the IP address and port that you copied earlier into SOCKS Host and click on SOCKS v4
10. Click OK and you are done
11. Your online location in firefox now will be changed to the location of the Socks4 IP you have chosen.
12. If the proxy stops working at some point, then simply add a new Socks4 proxy from
13. You can use these proxies in any software that allows you to add Socks proxy. And it will work as a VPN.

The process explained above is for computer devices only.
If you are wondering how to use this trick on android smartphones:
You need root access. If you have root access then just go to play store and install ProxyDroid.
Then you will be able to use Socks 4 proxy on your android with ProxyDroid and change your phones virtual location.
You should also know that ProxyDroid applies proxy on the whole system and it's not just limited to a browser or app.
This blog ends here.

We will update this blog whenever a better free VPN service or trick is available. So keep your eyes on Gitloft. Have a nice week.

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